A lot of people say that I’m like a loose cannon. There must be something about it because I quite often find myself in what-the-hell situations. Like for example this whole idea.


I’ve been dreaming about traveling the world since I can remember that I started dreaming. The best and biggest move in my life was deciding not to go to uni. Because of that I couldn’t find a job in my home country of the Czech republic which meant that as a fresh 20 year old I was already on my way to the UK. At 23, my life was planned for years ahead. I married a girl I loved more than anything, I had a great job, a place to stay, a car, money. Actually, I think I had everything what a little insignificant part of this whole system needs to have to be happy. But of course, things hardly ever work out the way you want them to so within a few weeks time, I lost it all. I went through hell, it was the hardest thing ever to pull myself back together but now, I can honestly say that it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

I was still missing something though, I knew I wanted more. All became clear after I visited Egypt in 2014 in places tourists are normally not allowed to. I wanted to travel. Of course I always found million excuses why I couldn’t do it, I didn’t have the balls to just leave everything behind and go.

However, one morning in late December 2014 I woke up very hungover and I couldn’t stop thinking about the dream I’d had. I was buying a one-way flight ticket to Bangkok in it and planning how I’m gonna enjoy the sun and Thai girls. Then I suddenly realised the idea of it was somehow too real. I plucked up my courage to check my emails and then I only found myself sitting there in my room with my mouth wide open saying: „What the fuck!“

A few months later, it looks like it’s going to be the most epic journey of my life. I left the UK after five amazing years, sold almost everything I owned, quit my job, put on my backpack and moved on with my life. I normally don’t know where I’m gonna wake up the next day, who I’m going to meet or what’s going to go wrong but I’ve reached ultimate freedom. I don’t wanna be a part of this messed up system, I don’t wanna be tied up to just one place, I have no set plan, I have almost no money but I know that one day, when I’m on my deathbed, I’m going to say: „Fucking hell, that was an awesome ride!“ 🙂



5 thoughts on “WHO’S MON?

  1. Hey! I came across your blog from a Facebook share this morning – and I think your adventure is incredible! Best of luck on your hitchhiking adventure, may you find many friendlies. I admire your drive.


  2. Fuck yeah! But one thing is that i find interesting as a question to all travelers? What is going to be a satisfaction eventualy. Since you travel for fulfillment or fun or somewhat new experience, what happens when the whole world becomes your home but your real home is no longer yours to claim? Maybe i`m not expressing myself good but maybe you get what i`m trying to ask=? Anyways i like traveling and exploring and meeting new people and cultures but it allways bugs me, the question where do i belong after all of these experiences ? Thanks and good luck 😉


  3. Found you by absolute chance while searching for “KDE 5” Desktop images.. Clicked in the image and spent the last while reading your posts! I’ll be coming back! Gotta love google right! Awesome blog and travels 🙂


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