I’d normally say that it must be an April fool joke to be woken up by my alarm at half three in the morning but on this year’s 1st April I didn’t really mind at all. I didn’t get much sleep anyway with all the butterflies in my tummy. Last time I felt like this was before I left my home country for the UK and it’s really been a while since then. I quickly picked up the last few things left in my room and stuffed them in my backpack, finished eating my last brownie (oooh, if you knew how much I’ll miss you) and before I noticed, the boys and I were loading into Andy’s car. We got to Heathrow quite early so I treated the boys to a nice coffee for sacrifising their sleep to spend a few extra hours with Mon 🙂


Check-in, printing my boarding passes and last hugs with my bestest bodyguards and friends aka Mariusz, Poli, Darek and Andy. Of course I couldn’t take it and I cried like a little baby. I will miss you, guys. And then it all went smooth. It was a big coincidence that one of my friends Luke was also traveling to Bangkok for a couple of days so at least I had someone to get through the two hour delay with.


This is it, England. Good bye and thank you big time for everything! If it wasn’t for you, I have no idea where I would be right now. Don’t know what the chances are but it happened so that the plane I was on flew right above my home-town in the Czech republic. Shame I didn’t know it beforehand, I could’ve told my mum to wave 🙂

The journey was extremely tiring but the movie selection didn’t allow me to sleep at all. Damn, I could’ve slept while they were serving the most horrible lunch in the history of plane meals. Luckily, I had a bag of salt and vinegar crisps in my bag 🙂

We got to Mumbai airport around midnight and had about an hour to go through all the security checks. I can say that I’m quite an experienced traveler but one of them seriously scared the shit out of me. This Indian woman looked like she just escaped prison, her arms pumped up with steroids would easily destroy any Terminator that crosses her path and it was clear that she hasn’t shown any sort of emotions on her face for at least half a century as she had literally no wrinkles. There is nothing I love more than being pushed against a wall and touched by a hot girl but in that little room she invited me into, I seriously thought I was only going to become the next victim of Indian rape. Luckily, she didn’t find what she was looking for (thank god that my boobs decided not to grow anymore at the age of 12!!!) so I could almost miss my flight to Bangkok.

I finally set my foot on Thai land at 7.35am after a five hour flight that made you feel like you’re on one of the attractions in Thorpe Park. I got my one month Thai visa and me and another three backpackers got a taxi straight to the famous Khao San road. Even though everything and everyone was still asleep, the temperature was already higher than me on a standard day in college, wifi didn’t work anywhere and I couldn’t check in to my hostel until noon. Luke and I decided to get our first Thai curry then (god, that was hot) and after a couple of hours I was taking the nicest little (three-hour-long) nap in my life.

DSCF0228It was a whole different world in the town centre in the evening though. I got a decent dinner for about 80p but I was also really tempted to try something proper authentic that was being sold on every corner. After about 15 minutes of constantly saying „shiiiit, I don’t think I can do it“ and „fuck it, you only live once, right?“ I decided to eat not just one but two massive grasshoppers and let me tell you something – they tasted pretty damn good! 🙂

Before I went to bed I spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to get to west Thailand the next day where I was about to start volunteering at a farm and then I only remember falling asleep while listening to the magical sound of electric fans in my room and counting the cockroaches on the floor 🙂


4 thoughts on “LET THE LONG RIDE BEGIN!

  1. I envy you so much 🙂 I am planning something similar, just waiting to get pissed off at work 😀 are you also going to Africa? Good luck!


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