“She’s like a loose cannon, you never know what she’s gonna do next and how much trouble she’ll cause.” – Ejdy (one of Mon’s best friends)


Yep, that’s me 🙂 So let’s make it a bit easier for you, I’m going to do a little sum so you can decide if you wanna continue reading or leave and never come back 🙂

I’m a 25 years old out and proud lesbian that loves chefing and is always up for some crazy shit. But there’s more about me.


I like people to call me Mon but my full name is Monika Borkova. I was born and raised in the Czech republic but I’ve spent most of my adulthood in the UK. I’m obsessed with girls but I don’t want to be in a relationship. I swear a lot but I’d never hit anyone for no reason. I love climbing but I’m scared of heights. I love being a chef but I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life in the kitchen. I’ve been to many places but I wanna see the whole world.

I love people and all the connections between them! I always try to be nice to people I meet but once you piss me off, it’ll be really hard for me to trust you and respect you again. My family and friends are my first priority no matter what. I always stand up for girls. I love learning about other cultures and tasting food from different parts of the world. Food, friends, climbing and writing are my biggest passions.


When I was 23, my life was planned for years ahead. I had everything I needed –  an amazing girlfriend who I thought was the love of my life, an awesome job, a car, money… But things hardly ever work out the way you want them to. So suddenly, I lost it all and my life changed a lot. I became a massive party animal, I didn’t give a single fuck about anything.

My life changed rapidly again when I visited Egypt in February 2014. I stayed in a very rural area with my best friend Tayeb and when I came back, I wasn’t the same Mon as before. I realised that I’d only had one dream – to travel. Unfortunately, even after that I just didn’t have the balls to just leave everything behind and make my dream come true.

But that was only until one night in December 2014 when I got properly smashed and without even realising it, I booked a one-way flight ticket to Bangkok. It was a big surprise for me in the morning but hey, you only live once so I didn’t chicken out and now, a few months later, it looks like it’s going to be an epic journey around the globe 🙂

I still quite don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t have a set plan so I’m just gonna put my backpack on and travel wherever my raised thumb takes me to 🙂




“She’s a crazy girl who always does whatever she decides to, she smiles a lot, loves beer and will cook something really good for ya.” – Jana (Mon’s brother’s girlfriend and a really good friend)

“She’s my crazy lesbian sous chef.” Hollie (Mon’s manager, fellow lesbian and one of Mon’s best friends)

“Mon’s an amazing girl who always makes other people laugh, she really enjoys living her life, I’m sure I want to be friends with her till I die, she’s fucked a lot of beautiful girls and she’s hot as fuck.” Jarda (one of Mon’s best friends)

“Mon is a very talented, determined, spontaneous and kind hearted woman who I am very lucky to have met!” Sophie (Mon’s colleague and a really good friend)

“She is my really good friend who I can talk about everything with. I would like to fuck her because she’s hot but something doesn’t let me. She could give me a blowjob at least but she doesn’t want to, that’s fine I still love her.” Mariusz (Mon’s fellow chef and one of her best friends)

“Mon is really crazy in a good way. She’s chilled and she always says out loud whatever’s on her mind.” Paja (been friends with Mon since primary school)

“She’s been my friend since we were little kids, she is very inspirational, a wanderer, she’s always game for anything.” Misa (basically grew up with Mon)

“I would say Mon is my favorite lesbian chef in the whole wide world because she is cool and loves to drink.” Tomas (Mon’s friend and fellow drinker)

“Mon is a crazy girl whom I’m glad I’d met a few years ago. She is single-minded and ambitious, yet probably the most free-person I’ve met and even though we’re not in touch that much, I’m always happy to see her whenever it’s possible.” Petra (Mon’s friend who introduced her to this whole lesbian thing haha)

“I think Mon is one of the most caring and awesome people I have met and she tells me the worst jokes ever haha .. it’s great working with her as she always has a way of making myself and others happy and smiley” Andy (an awesome colleague and friend of Mon’s)


If you wanna share what you think about Mon, just get in touch with her or leave a comment on this post 🙂



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