Last night was definitely one of the most spontaneous nights of my life. After being released from the hospital because of my knee injury, I decided to go to the town for a little alcohol fix. I wasn’t able to walk properly, so I decided to be a bit cheeky and tried to hitchhike from the hospital to the town centre. Succeeded after maybe like 2 mins (limping helped a lot I guess haha). I entered a pub with live music on, got myself a nice cold pint of beer and two hours later a big two-sisters-fighting-over-me drama happened so I decided to go home. Of course I spent all money I had for a taxi back in the pub (yeaaaaah, I knoooow) so there I was hitchhiking again. This awesome guy dropped me off literally on my doorstep even though he wasn’t going the same way at all so thanks a lot if you’re reading this 🙂 There was a little party going on in my house, so I had a couple more beers and I have no fucking idea how it happened but in the morning I woke up in my bed hugging a girl from the band that was playing in the pub. That was simply one crazy motherfucking Valentine’s day haha 🙂


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