I couldn’t have chosen a better date for my departure, haha. Leaving on a Fools‘ Day (1st April) probably points out to everything that’s going to happen. I guess it’ll all be just one crazy joke but who cares, I’m already full of awesome jokes. It’ll be very difficult to say good-bye to all of my friends for quite a long time but hey, yo… If you love me, just set me free. If I come back, no one else wanted me either Emotikona wink

But seriously, I only have slightly over two months to save enough money to get me through this epic trip. My life has been one crazy party recently, I’ve been spending most of my money on booze and chasing girls. My bad. But I fucking loved it (until I woke up the next morning with a massive hangover) and at that time I really gave zero fucks about everything. Don’t get me wrong, it was my own choice, I am aware that I have my own brain (that I can sometimes even put in a good use) but being a chef and living with three Polish guys doesn’t really give you many options but hit the booze almost every night.

This means that I pretty much have to start from square one and change my lifestyle rapidly. I looked around my room a couple of days back and all I could think about was „Oh man, why the hell do I have so much crap?“. Seriously, when was the last time I watched any of those thousand DVDs that I really had to buy years ago? And why on earth do I have over 50 CDs when I only listen to like 3 of them in my car? And yeah, buying that 160cm big teddy bear was a great idea back then, a few months ago when we had some serious fun times with my friend but it’s been sitting in the corner of my room and collecting dust pretty much since then. Why do I have a longboard when I hardly ever ride it? Shisha, juggling balls, million books that I never read…? 20 tshirts when I only have 7 favourites that I wear all the time? If I ever agree to go shopping with you and happen to be buying some useless crap, you have my permission to punch me without warning.

I’m going to end this massive party on Wednesday the 28th January though. It’ll be the very last party for a very long time. I’m going to see (my future wife) Jessie J in Brixton and that’ll be it. No more money spent on booze, girls and useless stuff. I need to concentrate, for once in my life, on what I really want. But I already know I’ll have to travel with very very very low budget.


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