„Traveling is never a matter of money, but of courage.“ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Like I said, my life is changing rapidly. I’m in an ultra money saving mode right now but there’s still a lot to deal with. Something tells me I should make at least a little plan but then my brain is all like „Ain’t nobody got time for that (‪#‎standard‬)“, so I guess I’ll just play it pretty much all by ear.

If nothing goes wrong, flight tickets will be the most expensive part of my trip. I’ve booked three flight tickets so far and there’s still at least one to be booked to get me back to Europe. You might think I’m completely crazy but I have decided to buy a Kuala Lumpur – Istanbul flight ticket and (mum, stop reading right now, or at least sit down and get yourself a glass of wine) hitchhike from Turkey back to England. I have no fucking idea how long that’ll take me but it just kinda feels like the right thing to do. You only live once, right?

I’m a chef, I don’t earn millions and I ain’t planning to rob a bank but even though I’ll travel with very little money and yeah, I know, it’ll be fucking hard, I’ve already been put through a lot of nasty situations in my life and I always managed to survive so this sounds to me just like another challenge to be accepted!

I’ve joined this cool website called helpx which is full of volunteer work offers in exchange for food and accomodation so I want to do a bit of that which will hopefuly save me some money and I will also get an opportunity to learn new stuff which is always useful. I’ll probably look into it properly closer to my departure date or once I’m in shit haha.

A couple of years ago, I fell in love with hitchhiking so once I’m back in Europe, that’ll be the only way of transport I’m going to use and I’d love to do it in Asia too but I have no idea about how popular and safe it is in those countries so I might have to stick to buses and trains while I’m there (not that I have any clue about bus and train transport in SE Asia either – that’s how much of a research I’ve done lol).

Unless I get accomodation for free via some helpx hosts, I will stay in cheap backpacker hostels and I also want to couchsurf as much as possible. And yeah, if I’m in proper shit, I’ll have my sleeping bag with me and I’m ready to stay in one of those five billion star hotels called nature.

Also, at the moment, I’m selling everything I don’t need to get some extra money, I’m trying to work as much as possible, I’ve cancelled all my direct debits, all my subscriptions, I don’t touch money on my bank account anymore but still, I’m sure I’ll just have to prove that those Paulo Coelho’s words are true…


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