If you ask me, why I chose to go to Bangkok, I won’t be able to answer. I was drunk, mad at everything and I just wanted to get out of here. But I’m kind of glad it’s Bangkok and not some kind of a very expensive place. Also, even though I was completely shitfaced, I managed to buy a pretty cheap ticket. Yay, well done, Mon!

I guess, I could’ve just booked a flight ticket back to England and pretend I’m just going on a nice holiday in Thailand, right? But I think everything happens for a reason and when people are drunk, they grow the balls and do the things they really want to do so instead of chickening out, I booked a flight ticket to Indonesia. This means that I’ll spend a month in Thailand and then I’m going to hope that that Air Asia plane I’ll be on doesn’t get lost and transfers me safely to Jakarta and I’ll be able to spend another month in Indonesia to hope for another successful Air Asia flight to Malaysia where I want to spend around 6 weeks…


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